Aktibo in the U.S.A.

Aktibo in the U.S.A.

         In the global economy today, consumers have more buying options than ever before. The garment industry has extended to a world-wide platform that benefits from the labor and production of workers globally. At Aktibo, our mission is to produce clothing that empowers people to invest in the future of our planet and generations that follow, and that includes American livelihoods. By putting our efforts behind the sustainability movement, we are also committed to keeping our business in America, securing the American workforce and economy in the process. As a part of investing in people and planet, we keep our manufacturing and assembling processes right here, with “Made in the USA” athletic wear you can rely on.

         “Made in the USA” products are those that are made entirely in the United States or contain negligible foreign content. Because we call America home, we strive as a business to invest directly into American lives and the well-being of our country. Choosing “Made in the USA” products not only provide American jobs but promote the national economy by providing workers with the means to support themselves and their families financially. These jobs create revenue, and this revenue directly supports the economy! Buying “Made in the USA” products promotes a chain reaction of positive effects for local and national economies alike while keeping Americans working, and that’s a message we get behind at Aktibo Athletics.

         Not only does investing in “Made in the USA” clothing support the American economy, but choosing these products assures the buyer that they are not supporting companies whose products are the result of violated worker’s rights and inadequate working conditions abroad. U.S. employers are held to higher labor standards enforced by state and federal laws, so purchasing “Made in the USA” merchandise invests in the rights of employees as human beings. On the same token as empowering our workforce, we believe American-made products are of higher quality and are built to last. Because we strive to reduce waste and secure the future of our planet, keeping our products “Made in the USA” prevents further land-fill contributions and general wastefulness. Our clothing is made to last with the planet and Americans at the forefront. Higher-quality clothing means less waste and pollution, protecting the beauty of our country and those who call it home.

         Aktibo is proud to offer “Made in the USA” clothing that promotes the longevity of American business and planet Earth. Take your place.


By Emma Kentner, Aktibo Athletics

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