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Growing up, I came from an Eco-conscious household. My parents instilled what it means to be sustainable and appreciate the environment. My mom was a huge hippie. One of the things she used to do was make clothes from old clothes to turn them new. For example, she made my sisters prom dresses from old dresses. Seeing the way my mom reused materials inspired me to do the same throughout my childhood and into college. While in college, I competed in power-lifting, destroying a lot of clothes through wear and tear. I set out to find high quality and sustainable active wear. There weren't any on the market.

We launched Aktibo Athletics to give athletes, non-athletes and gym-enthusiasts an option to look good in the gym while doing good for the environment.

- Johann Hayag, Founder

We believe consumers should take their place and take a larger role demanding sustainability.

Aktibo Athletics mission is to combat 13 million tons of textile waste produced each year, 95% which could be reused or recycled, by designing and producing sustainable activewear. To reduce landfill waste and create products our consumer will love.

“ Aktibo is proud to offer Made in the USA clothing that promotes the longevity of American business and planet Earth.”

-Emma Kentner, Writer



Aktibo Athletics is proud of our commitment to using sustainable, recycled and eco-friendly materials in our clothing.

Get out get active

You can look good in the gym but also do good for the environment. Our clothing is guilt free.
Be active for Mother Nature.


We are always looking for ways to get connected with people. We take pride of being part of our communities and taking action in reducing waste

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Johann Hayag

Founder / Chief Strategist

Zach Kentner

Co-founder / Managing Partner

Riley Kentner

Creative Director

Brandon Steward

Marketing Director

Kyle Paus

Fashion Designer


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